UPDATE #3: JULY 2015

Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for checking up on the project!

The film has been submitted to numerous festivals over the past couple of months. Most of the festivals we’ve submitted to have not begun their judging phase yet. However, The Dream Machine has won awards from all three festivals that have posted results:

The Accolade Global Film Competition – Award of Recognition
The Aurora Film Awards – Gold Award
Best Shorts Film Competition – Award of Recognition

Emails have been sent to the people who donated money to our project with a link to watch the film. If you’d like to see it, please contact us.

The production of DVD’s has been postponed until further notice. To cut down on the cost, we will be including multiple films on one Blu-ray/DVD combo pack! The DVD will include The Dream Machine, Producer Chenzy Graziano’s senior thesis film entitled Monday, and all of the others films created by both Chelsea and Chenzy during their time in film school.

Thank you for investing in our project and our lives!
The Dream Machine Team

DM smaller poster 2Monday

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