Chad Stem plays Dean in The Dream Machine. Chad graduated from Regent University with his MFA in Acting in May 2014. His Regent stage credits include C.S. Lewis in Shadowlands, Egeon in Comedy of Errors, Motel in Fiddler on the Roof, Sebastian in The Tempest and several other productions. As far as Regent films, Chad has starred in Mary Ahlman’s Inside the Empty and Paper Oceans, Brett Niethamer’s Reassignment and Adam Bova’s A Devil’s Snare. Professional film credits include three episodes of Destination America’s A Haunting during the 5th season. He has worked professionally down at Beach Street USA in Virginia Beach for the past 3 summers as Lenny the Tacky Tour Guide and the Ringmaster for the 17th street “Circus in the Park.” Chad has also taught improvisation and acting at Regent University’s Summer C.A.M.P., SARA Entertainment and Theatrix over the years. He would like to thank God for directing him to this path of acting. He’d like to thank his parents and his brother, Craig, who plays baseball in the Dodgers organization for being a constant inspiration.

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